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    First, submit your site to The Nick At Nite/TVLand Webring queue. Once you submit your site to NANTVLand Webring queue, you will receive the HTML code which you must add to your site in order to be officially added to the webring. Copy the code and paste it on your page. If you click on any of the existing link, you will recieve an error message (Invalid ID). Don't worry. That is because you are not officially added to the webring yet. If the NAN/TVLAND Webring HTML code isn't added to your site 14 days after it has been in the queue, your site will be removed from the queue. Take note. What's the difference between the "Ring" and "Queue"? The Queue is the place whereall sites go first, to receive a site ID and to be entered into the Ring database. The Ring is where approved sites are placed.


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